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Getting ranked on Search Engines

Getting ranked on Search Engines

Getting yourself ranked on Search Engines

ce you get yourself a new website one of the first things that you will inevitably ask is "how do I get on page 1 of Google". Given that Google represents more than 90% of the search market in Australia it is quite a good question. Unfortunately, there isn't a straight forward answer as Google claim to have over 200 indicators that they use to determine how your website ranks.

Here are my tips in terms of what I think some of the key indicators are;

1) Age of domain. This can be a difficult one for a new domain however a lot of our older customer sites start ranking well after 6 - 12 months with no real SEO work.

2) Content on site. Google have clearly stated that they like sites with lots of content and they like sites that are authorities within their field.

3) Content on home page. Again, from what I have seen Google appears to favour sites that have good rich content on their home page.

4) On-page factors. You need to make sure that your meta tags are right, your H1 works and you have adequate keywords on your page. Don't stuff your keywords, keep them natural.

5) Links. Google likes natural links however they will punish you if they think you are scamming in the link department.

So, if you are keen to rank for some of your target keywords my biggest tip would be to create good quality authoritative content on well structured pages. Keep on doing that and you will eventually rank.

Date posted: 2013-03-01 | posted by: 1232blog

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