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Outsourcing and money saving opportunities for small business

Outsourcing and money saving opportunities for small business

Outsource and Save

It's difficult these days to make a go of it with a small business. Not only are we in a particularly competitive market where nobody seems to have any available cash but every time you turn around there is another overhead cost that you didn't see coming.

Here are 6 outsourcing and money saving opportunities for small business that will help you to not only save money but can also help you to run your business more effectively. Many of these opportunities have come about due to developments in cloud technology and the flexibility that you can now achieve with the internet.

Outsourced Bookkeeping

These days there are lots of cloud bookkeeping packages out there. Some of the better ones include Xero and MYOB. Many of the new generation of bookkeeping packages allow you or your bookkeeper to operate from pretty well anywhere you want. This means that you no longer need to have in-house accounting staff to manage your accounts. Cloud bookkeeping means that you could be operating out of Sydney whilst your bookkeeper is located in Cairns. It all becomes really flexible.

Telephone Answering Services

Virtual receptionist services have really taken off with the cloud. Whilst answering services have existed for many years the development of cloud technology and high speed internet from companies  like Telstra mean that Australian answering service companies like have been able to put a whole range of clever technological options into their PBX's and consequently can give you an amazing level of service. With a telephone answering service you no longer have to have an internal receptionist and all of the costs associated with having a staff member. If you are interested in answering services in the USA then has a range of packages on offer.

Marketing Services

While it probably still pays for a medium to large sized organisation to have it's own internal marketing person for small businesses there are quite a broad range of opportunities to outsource.

Whether you need someone to manage your online advertising or simply having someone available to produce graphics and brochures it probably makes more sense these days to outsource these roles to an external freelancer than to try to do it all in-house. Also, by outsourcing to an external party you are freeing yourself up to focus your attention on some of the more strategic aspects of your business.

Virtual Offices

Setting up a physical office for your business can be an expensive task. Not only do you have to pay the rent but you also have to outlay a 6-8 week bond, buy furniture and technology plus pay for all of your utilities to be connected.

An easier and cheaper option that is now available is to get yourself a virtual office. A virtual office gives you many of the benefits of a physical office but at only a fraction of the cost. With a virtual office you get the benefit of having a prestige CBD address, mail collection at the office, meeting rooms for meeting your clients (in the majority of cases) and quite often hot desking opportunities at the business centre. Also, when you combine a virtual office with a telephone answering service it basically means that you can operate your small business from almost anywhere that you want. This means that you could be out at the beach in summer or up in the mountains during winter and your calls would be being answered and your mail being collected. If you are interested in virtual offices then has them available in all capital cities in Australia.

Serviced Offices

If you think that you still need some physical space to keep your stuff and meet with your clients then maybe you should consider getting yourself a serviced office.

Serviced offices come in sizes from anything from a 2 man office to up to a 40 or 50 man office. There are lots of great benefits with serviced offices such as you don't need to pay a sizeable bond, your utilities are generally included, you have the flexibility to scale up or scale back with relative ease and they give you time back to focus on your business rather than focusing on facilities management. has serviced offices available in a number of major capital cities around Australia and throughout Asia.

Virtual Assistants

Rather than employing an actual admin or sales assistant for your small business why don't you consider getting yourself a virtual assistant. A VA can do a broad range of tasks within your office, many of them will just work when you need them or when you are busy. This means that you don't need to cover their costs during Christmas or slow periods. The cloud has presented us with lots of ways that we can work across large distances so a remote VA should be able to complete many of your tasks without having to be close to your office. has a team of virtual assistants who are available to carry out tasks for your business. The assistants themselves are local Australian professionals who work from home. Why not check them out for your small business.


Date posted: 2017-03-30 | posted by: 1232blog


Outsourcing makes really good sense. It can give a company flexibility to cut out a lot of cost quickly if it needs to.
Date: 2017-03-31 | comment by: Jamieson

Outsourcing can save businesses some serious money. Also, it really does give you flexibility to grow at your own pace.
Date: 2017-04-05 | comment by: Cheap

Some of the companies that I talk to say that they save around 30% by outsourcing their telephone answering to VHQ.
Date: 2017-04-05 | comment by: Tim

It just makes sense to keep your organisation lean and outsource where possible. That's the way that I try to do things in my small business.
Date: 2017-06-28 | comment by: Mike

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