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Why you need a virtual assistant

Why you need a virtual assistant

Get a Virtual Assistant for your small business

Starting and building a small business is difficult these days and involves wearing a whole range of hats. One minute you need to be selling your services while the next minute you need to be fixing the phone system or the IT router. Five minutes after that you might be entering data into your accounting system and then five minutes after that you could be headed out to the stationery supplier to stock up on A4 paper. All the while, you will probably be fending off incoming telephone calls and taking messages for staff members who are unavailable.

What you need is a virtual assistant service like the one offered by Ruby Receptionists to help take some of the administrative work away from you and to give you back the time that you need to get some of the more strategic things done.

A virtual assistant can carry out a whole range of tasks;

Firstly, you could have your VA answering incoming calls, directing the important ones to you or your staff and taking messages on the not so important calls.

Secondly, you could have your VA answering simple queries from your callers. These could be those calls where people just want to know what you address is or where the best parking is close to your office.

Thirdly, you could use your VA to gather information and conduct surveys of your incoming callers. This could be customer satisfaction survey or simply information about how they found you and where they are located.

Fourthly, you could ask your virtual assistant to make outbound calls to existing customers to get a better idea of their buying requirements or to inform them of new products or services.

The list is endless. The positive news however is that all the tasks that you can offload to a VA is a task that you don't need to do yourself and it frees you up to really focus on the important strategic aspects of your small business.

If you choose a company like Ruby Receptionist for your VA service then you will only ever be billed for work that they have carried out on your behalf. You pay by the minute for work that they actually do for your business.

Date posted: 2017-09-25 | posted by: 1232blog


It is a really cost effective way to outsource some of your basic admin work. We offer a similar service here in the USA and customers love it.
Date: 2017-09-25 | comment by: Michael

It makes a lot of sense to outsource the clerical stuff. If you can combine virtual office with virtual assistant and telephone answering service then you have hit the outsourcing jackpot.
Date: 2017-09-28 | comment by: Bert

I agree with Bert, once you get all of those basic admin functions outsourced you are then in a position to really get your strategy working.
Date: 2017-09-28 | comment by: James

I think that it makes a lot of business sense to get a virtual assistant. Keep your core tasks close and outsource the not so core items to someone else.
Date: 2018-03-23 | comment by: Ray

I couldn't get by without my Virtual Assistant. It makes a lot of sense in this modern business world.
Date: 2020-02-21 | comment by: Biz Peguin

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