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Get a work life balance

Get a work life balance

Try not to burn yourself out

When you start an online business there is always the temptation to put in those 16 hour days and all nighters to get everything kicked off and working to your satisfaction. While this can be a good strategy in the short to medium term it does not necessarily work long term.

To maintain your interest in your new business and to keep your marriage/relationships on an even keel you should potentially think about getting yourself a work life balance.

Here are a few tips in terms of things that you can do to get that balance;

1) Get yourself a hobby

Everybody needs to take a little bit of time out, why not find yourself a hobby and make specific time for it each week. If your business involves you sitting at a desk in an office every day then it might be an idea to get yourself a hobby that involves getting outside and getting a bit of fresh air.

2) Outsource the non core stuff

Why not get yourself a virtual assistant from someone like Virtual Office Melbourne. You can then offload some of your non core clerical work to them and free up more time for you to spend with your family or friends.

3) Work from home occasionally

Think of the time that you can save by not having to commute in to the office and then back home again. Also, think of how de-stressed you will be by not having to face that battle with the peak hour traffic. Schedule in a work from home day today!

In addition to working from home you could also consider becoming a digital nomad and working from exotic locations around the world. Check out this article on digital nomads.

4) Take your lunch break and get out

A lot of busy people eat their lunch at their desk in front of the computer. Why not get out of the office and take a decent walk. If you work near a park or the beach then this is perfect however even if you are in the city or an an industrial area there must be interesting routes to take.

5) Leave on time a couple of days per week

While there is always a big temptation to get all of those emails attended to before you head home there is also a great feeling of relief if you actually get out of the door at 5pm and head home to have dinner with the kids.

Date posted: 2017-09-29 | posted by: 1232blog


It's a difficult one when you start a new business. The urge is always there to put 16 hours a day in. You need to pace yourself and make sure that you are there for the long term.
Date: 2018-03-23 | comment by: Ray

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