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A checklist for setting up a website

A checklist for setting up a website

Hi 123 2 Web Blog readers,

Getting a website for your small business is a big decision and could have a huge impact on your profitabiltiy. Unfortunately if you do it wrong it could also be a big dissapointment.

Here is my list of 10 things you should do before and after you get a small business website.

1) Research your target market. Before you do anything you should check out your competition, see how many of them are online and find out how long they have been online. For the ones that are online have a look at their on page SEO and see what keywords they are targeting. Also, check out how many backlinks they have and what their Google pagerank is. This will give you an idea of how difficult it will be to get yourself a decent ranking.

2) Keyword research. Before you create your small business website it is a good idea to know the type of keywords your visitors will be using to find your site. The google adwords keyword tool is a great place to start doing this research. You may be surprised that different people will use different terms to find the same goods or services.

3) Get a domain name. If you have a well known brand then you should try to secure that name as a domain name. If your brand is not well known then it can be a good idea to get a domain name that contains the main keywords that you are targeting.

4) Once you have a domain name you should start thinking about how your small business website is structured. Search engines and site visitors will both like a well laid out site.

5) You need to think about your content. You need to write good quality content that has enough mentions of your selected keywords. Don't over stuff your keywords as the search engines do not like this however make sure that you get your keyword density right as not enough keywords can be as bad as too many.

6) Think about your design. The internet is a very visual medium and good design makes a huge difference. Use good quality photo's that have been optimised for the internet. Make sure that you also put very good long keyword rich descriptions in your alt text for your photo's.

7) Get reliable hosting from a trustworthy source. Make sure that you get an SLA that guarantees a decent amount of uptime for your small business website.

8) Promote your small business website on various social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

9) Get your website indexed by the main search engines.

10) Keep your website current and keep writing content. Search engines and users both like fresh content. It will improve the user experience with your website and will give you more opportunities to use your long tail keywords and improve your rankings.

This is by no means a complete list of what you have to do however I think it is a good starting point. If you decide to go it yourself and build your own small business website it will give you an idea of some of the areas that you need to read up on. If you decide to use a web design company like 123 2 Web we will be happy to discuss each of the issues with you and let you know how we address them when building your site.


Neil Duncan
Managing Director
123 2 Web Pty Ltd
Web Design Oatley and the Gold Coast



Date posted: 2011-10-23 | posted by: 1232blog

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