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Small Business Website Designer

Small Business Website Designer

Website Designer For Small Business

Small businesses need professional looking websites that generate enquiries and are cost effective. To achieve this you need a designer who also knows how to attract visitors.

This is where 123 2 Web can help. 123 2 Web is a Sydney based website designer who have been building beautiful affordable sites for the last 2 years. Many of our customers have seen a real positive increase in the number of leads that they generate and the amount of business they are doing. It's a real boost for us when a customer rings up and says that their website is working brilliantly and generating lots of work. We even had a customer ring up recently and ask if her website could be taken down for a couple of months because she was getting too much business and couldn't cope with it all at the moment. After a day or so of thinking about it she decided that the best option was to divert the calls to another local small business until she felt that she was able to put systems in place to cope. As a designer of websites this is a huge boost.

When you start looking for a website designer for your venture make sure that the designer understands about driving traffic to your new site. A beautifully designed site that doesn't rank for your target keywords will do little to grow your business.

There are two main ways to drive traffic to your small business site. The first is through search engine optimisation (SEO) which is partly about how your site is built and partly about who links to your website. Sometimes the SEO tweaks can be quite small but have a big impact. Make sure that your designer has an understanding of SEO from the outset and there are things that the designer can do in building the site to help your small business along.

The second way of driving traffic to your site is through paid clicks (PPC). This can be relatively expensive however if you are launching a new site within a relatively competitive area then PPC is a good way to get initial traffic and a good way to work out the search terms that your visitors are using to find you. You can also start small and then increase your spend if you see that it works. Again, your designer should be able to give you an overview of how PPC can work for your small business website.

My advice to anyone launching a small business website these days is to consider both SEO and PPC and you need a designer with an understanding of both.

If you decide that you want to give your small business a boost and get a beautiful website give us at 123 2 Web a call and one of our designers can advise you on how we can help get your new site off the ground.


Neil Duncan

123 2 Web

Date posted: 2012-09-10 | posted by: 1232blog

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