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Web Design

Web Design

When you need a new website you don't just want a flat brochure site that sits on page 30 and only ever gets seen by you and your staff/relatives.

Web design in 2012 is very much about building interactive sites that link in to social media and that are updated regularly with fresh pertinent content. Web design is also about getting sites found whether it by creating great content that follows the Google guidelines or by paying for adwords and driving traffic to your website.

If you are looking to outsource the design of your next website then here are a few things that you should be asking your designer.

1) What is their advice in terms of driving traffic to the site, is this something they can help with.
2) Where is the work going to be done and how much control will you have over what is being done.
3) Will they think about onpage SEO during the web design stage
4) What ongoing advice and support are they going to give you once the site goes live.

Web design can mean a lot of different things to different people. For some web design is just about building that basic brochure site whilst for others web design is all about a business partnership.

If you are confused about how to compare 2 different offerings then give us a call at 123 2 Web. We not only build beautiful websites we will also work with you to help get that website working for you.


Neil Duncan

Date posted: 2012-09-13 | posted by: 1232blog

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