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Translate website into Chinese

Translate website into Chinese

Chinese translation of your English language Website

123 2 Web can create a Chinese version of your English language website for as little as A$400 per page. Our translators have extensive experience with Chinese translation as well as having a good understanding of western business requirements.

In these difficult economic times you want to make sure that you are capturing every potential market that you possibly can. With the recent economic growth in China the Chinese community are becoming powerful consumers in English speaking countries like Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the US.

Here at 123 2 Web we can translate all or part of your English language website for a modest fee. One potential option is to create a totally seperate website that uses the same architechture, colour scheme and branding however contains Chinese text. Another option is to only have one or two targeted pages. The translators that we have doing this are fluent in both languages and have an exceptional understanding of both cultures. We have worked with these guys for several years and have built a great working relationship with them.

So how much does it cost to translate an English language site into Chinese?

 For up to 2 pages we will charge A$500 per page that we translate. For more than 2 pages we will charge A$400 per page translated. For that we will create seperate HTML pages that are either contained within your site or that are on a seperate domain name. For each of those pages we will include on page SEO to help you get found by Google and we will either incorporate the pages into your current website or put links from your current site to the additional site.

Why not call us today for an obligation free discussion about how we can translate your English language site. For a small investment you might be able to access a whole new market.

Date posted: 2013-02-17 | posted by: 1232blog

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