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Welcome to 123 2 WEBs very first blog!

Welcome to 123 2 WEBs very first blog!

123 2 WEB is a local Australian Web Design company in Oatley, a leafy suburb in the south of Sydney. The 123 2 WEB concept, website and systems have been worked on by the 123 2 WEB team for the past 18 months with being launched in late January.

The main reason that got 123 2 WEB into website development and set up in the first place was to address what we saw as a major gap in the market. 

From what we could see there where a lot of small business people out there who are keen to get their business online but were put off by three main factors:

1. The cost of getting online can be particularly high with many web design companies charging thousands in upfront fees.

2. Once they get you online you need to become an internet expert to be able to keep your site live. You need to learn about domain names, hosting, managing email accounts, uploading photos, etc etc.

3. You need to become an editor and create copy that projects your business in the best possible light as well as ensuring that the design of your site is modern and also gives your customers the right impression.

Our view is that most small business people know that they should have a website and understand how getting online will benefit them and their business. However these three issues mean the majority of these small business people decide that it is all too hard and put it off until they get more time to get their head around it.

So, this is where 123 2 WEB can help out. We take the hassle out of getting small businesses online by helping them get a domain name, organising their hosting and even helping them write their copy. As it says in our advert, we sell all inclusive website packages. What this means is that we provide the internet, editorial and design know-how to get small businesses online quickly and then once they are online we keep them online.

So far we have had a lot of initial interest in our website packages and we have a number of sites already in the pipeline.

123 2 WEB Affordable Web Design Sydney


Neil Duncan

Managing Director

123 2 WEB

Oatley, Sydney, Australia

Date posted: 2011-02-22 | posted by: 1232blog

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