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New Gold Coast Area Manager for 123 2 WEB

New Gold Coast Area Manager for 123 2 WEB

Hi! Yesterday I traveled to the Gold Coast to brief our new Area Manager on the 123 2 WEB approach.

123 2 WEB sees the Gold Coast as a great potential market for website development as there are so many small entrepreneurial companies and the competition is quite strong.

The tourism aspect of the Gold Coast is another reason why all of the small businesses up there should ensure that they have a website. All of those tourists arriving at their hotels will be looking for goods and services in the local area. These days the first thing that most people do if they need something locally is Google it! And all those tourists have holiday money that they are looking to spend!

What better reason does a small business need for investing as little as $38.50 (inc. GST) on some quality web design?

123 2 Web Affordable Web Design Sydney and now also the Gold Coast


Neil Duncan

Managing Director

123 2 WEB

Oatley, Sydney, Australia

Date posted: 2011-02-23 | posted by: 1232blog

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