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Good editorial is key to having a great site

Good editorial is key to having a great site

Hi 123 2 WEB Blog readers, Editorial planning and overview is a key area of website development that web designers and website owners sometimes overlook in the process of creating sites. Yet good editorial input is key to having a good useable site.

As well as an understanding of website development, the web editor needs to have a good understanding of your business, a good feel for design and be able to put themselves in the reader's shoes.

When writing or editing the copy for your business the web editor will need to ensure that they use the most appropriate keywords for your business. However it is a fine balance because overuse of those keywords will cause the search engine bots to view it as 'keyword stuffing' and disadvantage the site for it. The editor also needs to keep a good balance between content and white space within the site.

Here at 123 2 WEB we believe that having excellent copy is integral to having a great website and our editor is involved in the web design process from the very start. Whether it is writing copy for you or editing the copy that you have written we will make sure that your business is presented in the best possible light.


Neil Duncan
Managing Director
123 2 WEB Pty Ltd
Web Design Oatley and the Gold Coast

Date posted: 2011-04-05 | posted by: 1232blog

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