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Small Businesses should track their KPIs

Small Businesses should track their KPIs

Hi 123 2 Web Blog readers, Key performance indicators or KPIs can be a useful tool for managing any business whether it is a web design company in Oatley or a large multi national organisation.

There are quite a number of standard KPIs that can be used by any business such as stock turnover ratios, DSO (days sales outstanding) rates, gross profit margins, net profit margins, employee related KPIs etc etc.

There will also be a whole range of business specific KPIs that will apply more specifically to your business. For a web design business in Oatley like 123 2 Web it may be the number of hits that we get to your website, the number of design enquiry emails you receive or the number of incoming phone calls to our Oatley office. For a caf in Mortdale stats that are suited to a web design company are unlikely to provide much insight, instead it may be the number of loaves of bread that you use per day or the kilos of coffee that you get through. For a beauty salon it may be the number of spray tans that you do, the number of nail designs or the kilos of wax that you use.

An important KPI for all businesses that are online is their search engine ranking within the major search engines. If you don't have a website 123 2 Web can help you with your website design and development as well as helping you with your seo to get your website noticed by customers.

Every different type of business is unique in its own way. If you manage a small business it could help to work out the drivers that impact upon your businesses performance and create KPIs that can help fine tune those drivers.


Neil Duncan

Managing Director

123 2 Web Pty Ltd

Web Design Oatley, Sydney, Australia

Date posted: 2011-04-08 | posted by: 1232blog


For a lot of businesses the kpi's can be quite simple, ie how much profit you make from each kilo of coffee.
Date: 2012-05-10 | comment by: David

I absolutely agree, for some businesses it is very much about the gross profit ratio after you have deducted your labour cost. For some businesses like asbestos removal it is also about your safety record.
Date: 2012-05-10 | comment by: Asbestos Testing

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