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A website without SEO will do little to drive traffic to your business

A website without SEO will do little to drive traffic to your business

Hi 123 2 Web Blog readers, these days creating a web presence for your business is a lot more complex than simply taking a few pictures of your office and putting up a products page and a contacts page.

Regardless of whether you are a restaurant owner on the Gold Coast or a web design company in Oatley, if you don't consider your SEO from the outset you could be putting yourself at a real disadvantage to your competitors. In my opinion there is very little use in getting a website in the first place if no one is going to find it and you are not going to attract new customers. If you dont have any SEO and you are not appearing in the search engine rankings then the only people that will be going to your site are the ones that hear word of mouth or see your web address on your advertising or business card.

SEO is a complex area. If you are creating a website for yourself using a DIY system then you need to familiarise yourself with SEO before you start building your site. You also need to make sure that the DIY system that you are using gives you the flexibility to do everything you need with SEO.

One of the first things that you will need to do when considering your SEO is to work out what keywords your customers will be using to find your business. In our case being a website design company in Oatley we decided that keywords would be phrases like web design Oatley, website development Oatley, web development Sydney, web design Sydney, Oatley web design etc.

The next thing you need to do is ensure that the copy on your website includes these keywords and key phrases. You also need to ensure that you filenames and your H1 titles include these keywords and phrases. When you do this however, you need to make sure that you do not over stuff the content with these key words.

Once you have your content on your site, you need to make sure that you keep your content current. You could also try blogging about your business and getting the word out on the social network sites. Try to get some decent links back into your website and have for decent links out from your website.

If you have made the decision to get yourself a website then it is a bit of a waste if you dont have any SEO on that website. If you decide to go with a DIY system then read up on SEO and make sure that your DIY system is flexible enough to allow you to include all of your SEO initiatives.

Finally, you need to remember that good SEO takes time and also SEO changes quite regularly. What works today may not work in 12 months time. You will need to get involved in the forums and discussion groups to make sure that you keep current.


Neil Duncan

Managing Director

123 2 Web Pty Ltd

Web Design Oatley, Sydney, Australia

Date posted: 2011-04-11 | posted by: 1232blog

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