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Think about your SEO before you start designing your new website

Think about your SEO before you start designing your new website

Hi 123 2 WEB Blog readers, If you are thinking about getting a website you should start thinking about your SEO even before you start with the web design.

Here are some suggestions for things that may help to improve your rankings.

Your domain name Try to include your keywords in the domain name if possible. For 123 2 Web, given that we are a web design company we looked to get the web into our domain name.

Filenames If possible, try to include your keywords in the filenames for your site.

Title Where you can, include target keywords in your site's title. If you are a web design company servicing areas like Oatley, Mortdale, Peakhurst etc you may have something like 123 2 Web - Website Design Oatley, Website Design Mortdale, Website Design Peakhurst etc.

H1 titles It can be helpful to include H1 titles in your code and to try to get the keywords into the H1 titles. Again, the titles need to be relevant to the services that you are offering. For 123 2 Web we have included words like web design and website development in our H1 titles.

Sitemap create an xml sitemap and submit it to Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

The balance of content to images Dont have an excessive number of images on your site. If you do use images then you should use alt tags for the images. Talk to your website developer in terms of what sort of ratio you should be going for.

Editorial content The actual content that you use on the site needs to use your chosen keywords and needs to have them in reasonably close proximity to each other. Dont over stuff your keywords into your content. The content should make sense and be relevant to your site's purpose. If you are unsure about how much content you should have you should talk to your web designer to get some ideas.

A blog If you can you should look at adding a blog. The blog does two things. First, it tells the search engines that you are keeping your site current and second, it adds additional content that can be indexed. In your blog you should write about your business making good use of your keywords. The blog does not have to be long, it could be around 100 words and can simply highlight some of the work that you have done in the areas that you are targeting.

Social networking sites Set up a Facebook page and a Twitter page. Post links to your blog on these sites.

Free business directories These can be very useful for increasing your ranking. Find the good ones and get your business listed.

Here at 123 2 Web we think about the SEO for a site before we start the website development process. If you are not using us you should talk to your web designer about how they are making sure that your site gets noticed by the search engines.


Neil Duncan

Managing Director

123 2 Web Pty Ltd

Web Design Oatley, Sydney, Australia

Date posted: 2011-04-15 | posted by: 1232blog


Seo is a really complex area. It is just as important as getting your design right.
Date: 2012-04-26 | comment by: Ray @ Asbestos Removal Cost

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