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Do I need a Website?

Do I need a Website?

Hi 123 2 Web Blog readers,

I guess all business owners large and small will at some stage ask themselves the question Do I need a website?

Contrary to what you might think, my answer would not always be of course you do !

Believe it or not there are still businesses out there that get there customers in all sorts of different ways including car advertising, classified adverts, radio, TV etc etc. In addition to this there are businesses that have enough customers and don't really want any more.

My advice to anyone asking the question "Do I need a website?" would be to ask themselves the following questions.

1) Are there a lot of people searching for your products or services online? To find this out you can go to the Google Adwords tool and check the number of monthly searches being carried out. If there are a reasonable number of searches and you want more customers then yes, I think you do need a website.

2) Do your customers regularly use the internet? Again, if your answer to this question is yes then you should get a website because it is likely you customers are searching you.

3) Do you have information that you could share via the internet that would save you time. An example of this would be a restaurant putting its menu's up on the internet for customers to download rather than having to hand them out when customers come in and ask for them. Again, if the answer to this question is yes then I do think you need a website.

4) Do your close competitors have websites? If they do and you don't it may make you look old fashioned and behind the times. Having a professionally designed website can do a lot for lifting your corporate image.

5) Do you really want a website? It may be that you answered no to all of the above questions however due to your love of technology you just really want to have one.

If you decide that the answer to the question "Do I need a Website" is yes, I think I do need a website, then 123 2 Web can help you. We build professional business websites for small and medium sized businesses at affordable prices. We don't have any contracts so if you decide after 6 months that you don't want it you are free to cancel.

Neil Duncan
Managing Director
123 2 Web Pty Ltd
Web Design Sydney and the Gold Coast

Date posted: 2011-09-21 | posted by: 1232blog

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